Armed Guard Courses

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Armed Guard Initial Course & 5-year Renewal Course

13 hours / 2 days (8 hours class + 5 hours range)

If you already have your basic work /guard card and your employer requires that you become certified as an Armed Guard, then this is the class you need.

In order to work in the security industry in Nevada, your first step is to acquire a basic (unarmed) guard card. To find out how to do that, go to our FAQ page, or scroll down to bottom of this page.

Armed Guard Initial Course Fees:

2 person (min. number for class): $200 each
3 or more persons: $175 each

Note: These rates include the $25 PILB card processing fee that the instructor must collect.

Super Special for this course only:  Add a Nevada CCW permit for only $25.00 more! If you took the CCW course as a stand-alone course, the cost would be $100 and require an additional 8 hours.

Mandatory materials and equipment list for the 13 hour Course:

  • Basic Work /Guard Card issued by from the PILB
  • Verification of Employment for Armed Security (VEAS) form. You cannot take the course without this form. It must be presented to the instructor before class begins. No exceptions.
  • The firearm(s) you intend to qualify with. Modern, serviceable handguns only. You may qualify with up to (3) handguns
  • Backup gun in same caliber (recommended, but not required)
  • 300 rounds of ammo. No handloaded ammo, please! Commercial reloads are OK.
  • Duty belt, retention holster, and magazine holder
  • (3) speed loaders, if using a revolver
  • Semi-auto shooters must bring at least 3 magazines. More is better!
  • Loader helpers, such as the incredibly useful UPLULA
  • We can provide rental guns, mags, ammo, and mag holders, if needed.
  • Other (optional but strongly recommended): hat with visor, cleaning kit, gun oil, rag, hand wipes, sunscreen, water, snacks, towel (for the kneeling position practice) and weather protection

Note: No shows” with no call ahead will forfeit payment for the class.  An email or text is not sufficient – you must call the instructor at 775.842.6409.

Please read the following before you call us for a class:

To work in Nevada as an armed guard, you must:

  1. Already have a current basic guard work card or be in provisional status.
  2. Be currently employed by a PILB-licensed company
  3. Be in possession of a completed Verification of Employment (VEAS) form.
  4. You may not take the 13 hour Armed Guard course unless all the above conditions are met. Please do not call us to request this course unless all conditions are previously met.

No Exceptions

 Armed Guard 6-month Range Re-qualification

1 person …………..$40
2 persons………….$35 each
3 or more …………$30 each
These rates include the $5.00 PILB card fee

Already have an armed guard card and need to re-qualify at the range?
Here’s how you do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Call us at 775.842.6409 or email us to schedule your 6-month range re-qual time. We are available 7 days a week, and strive hard to accommodate those with challenging work schedules.
  2. Contact your employer and request that he (or his agent) fill out your Verification of Employment for Armed Security (VEAS) form. You must bring this with you to the range. Please not bring an incomplete VEAS form to the range. You will not be allowed to qualify, and will have to come back another day and pay another range fee.
  3. Arrive at the range with your firearms, at least 60 rounds of ammo, holster, and ear & eye protection. If you typically have trouble qualifying, bring more ammo!

Here is the course of fire for qualifications:

Instructor will use a B-27 Target with a 30 second time limit at each stage.

Load (2) magazines with (5) rounds each, load (1) magazine with (10) rounds, place the (2) five round magazines in the magazine pouch, and place the (10) round magazine in you support side pocket. While on the 3-Yard Line you will point the weapon in a safe direction down range, load your weapon with the (10) round magazine and chamber a live round. Remembering to keep your finger indexed on the weapon and holsters a hot weapon.

3 Yard Line
When the range safety officer gives you the command to fire you will:

  • Draw your weapon and shoot (5) rounds (Standing) strong hand unsupported in 15 seconds.
  • Switch hands and shoot (5) rounds (Standing) support hand unsupported in 15 seconds.
  • Speed load a (5) round magazine and holster a loaded weapon.

7 Yard Line
When the range safety officer gives you the command to fire you will:

  • Draw your weapon and shoot (5) rounds (Standing) strong hand supported
  • Speed load your next magazine, keeping the weapon pointed down range
  • Drop to one knee, then shoot (5) rounds from the (Kneeling Position) in 30 seconds.

15 Yard Line
While on the 15 yard line you will load (2) magazines with (5) rounds each.
When the range safety officer gives you the command to fire you will:

  • Draw your weapon and shoot (5) rounds (Standing) strong hand supported
  • Drop to one knee, keeping the weapon pointed down range,
  • Shoot (5) rounds from the (Kneeling Position) in 30 seconds.
  • Keep the weapon pointed down range until the range safety officer makes sure that your weapon in clear. Once the range safety officer has cleared you, you may holster an empty weapon.

You will be shooting at a B-27 silhouette target. Minimum passing score is 75% or 225 points out of a possible 300. You will be allowed three (3) attempts to pass. Practice between qualifications to keep sharp!

Once you qualify, and the PILB has updated your status, your armed guard status will be extended for another six months, based on your assigned qualification cycle.

What is the Qualification Cycle?

As an armed guard, you are assigned a qualification cycle, based on the month when you first qualified. In order to maintain “active status” with the PILB, you must qualify every six months at the range with a PILB-Certified Firearms Instructor (CFI), on any day within your assigned months.

Once you are assigned these months, they cannot be changed. You may not qualify before your assigned month. If you miss your qualification month, you may not carry your firearm on duty until you do qualify at the range, and the PILB has updated your status.

Six Month Qualification Cycles:

January and July
February and August
March and September
April and October
May and November
June and December

For the complete Nevada administrative code on this requirement, read the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 648.350

If you still have questions, please call CFI John Glatthar at 775.842.6409

How do I become licensed to work as a basic security guard in the State of Nevada?

Contact the Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB) in Las Vegas or Carson City. Click here for the website. Complete the application, pass the written test, pay the fee, get your photo ID, and you are now eligible to work in the security industry in Nevada.

Note 1: Your basic security guard card does NOT allow you to carry a firearm on duty, if you are employed by a licensee of the PILB. To carry armed while on duty, you must first be employed with a security company AND your basic guard card must be upgraded to “armed” status. How do you do that? Click here to learn how.

Note 2:  We have no involvement whatsoever in the process of issuing basic guard cards. That is done solely through the PILB.  If your company wants you to be armed, then they will refer you to a preferred Certified Firearms Instructor (CFI) such as Semper Firearms Training, for your armed guard class.