Nevada CCW Questions

We now only offer the CCW Initial class as part of our Armed Guard 2-day course. It is not taught as a stand-alone course.  We do, however, offer the CCW Renewal Course several times per month

Classes are cancelled from time to time during the year, almost always due to weather events. If WE cancel a class, you have choice of

  • A full refund  OR
  • Your payment will be applied to a future class

Very Important Note: When you sign up for a class, we need solid contact information from you – email and phone number. If we cancel a class, we will contact you ahead of time. If you are one of those people who do not read emails, or texts,  or listen to your voice mail, you will be in a bad situation when you show up to an empty classroom.

Our rates for the 4-hour renew course (required every 5 years to renew your permit) are as follows:

  • 1 person………….. $65 each
  • 2 or more ………. $60 each
  • Note: These rates include the $5.00 per person range fee. 

Don’t worry just yet.  So long as your permit has not gone 120 days beyond the expiration date, you can still take the 4-hour renewal course and submit your paperwork to the Sheriff in order to re-activate it.

Note: You will be subject to a $15 late fee and cannot carry a concealed firearm until such time as your permit is renewed.

Note: We offer more CCW renewal classes than any other company in the area. Weekdays and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. Call  775. 842. 6409 to sign up for a CCW renewal class within 120 days before its expiration so there won’t be any lag time with your permit.

Please click on the “CALENDAR” tab at the top of any page to view our class schedule for the year.  Note: Armed Guard, LEOSA, and private CCW Renewal classes are held on demand and by appointment. Please call us directly at 775.842.6409 to set up a class that is not on the calendar.  We strive to accommodate your schedule.

Our classroom is located in Palomino Valley, 89510, the rural community also known as Warm Springs.  We meet in a comfortable, private residence, and to respect the privacy of the homeowners, we do not publish its location on this website for the world to see. You will be given the address and map, once you sign up for a class. 

No, our mailing address is 9732 Pyramid Highway, #409, Sparks, NV 89441. This is the Pack N Post, which is a private mail service, not our office. We are not there! Please do not drive there expecting to find us or an office.  You will be wasting your time and fuel.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

We use a home office based out of our residence in Palomino Valley. The address is not published,  for we do not conduct face-to-face business at our personal residence, nor do we hold classes at the residence.  Sign-ups for classes are conducted by phone and email, not texts. The classroom and the range are located in Palomino Valley, 89510.  

We use a shooting range in Palomino Valley, the location of which will be given to you once you sign up for a class.

As of 1/1/2017,  the fee in Washoe County for Initial CCW Permits is $96.25. For renewal permits, the fee is $61.25   It may be slightly more or slightly less in your County. Call your Sheriff s office to obtain this information.  Here are the phone numbers:

Carson City County 775.887.2500

Churchill County 775.423.3116

Clark County 702.828.3111

Douglas County 775.782.9933

Elko County  775.738.3421

Esmeralda County 775.485.6373

Eureka County  775.237.5330

Humboldt County  775.623.6419

Lander County  775.635.1100

Lincoln County  775.962.5151

Lyon County  775.463.6600

Mineral County  775.945.2434

Nye County  775.751.7000

Pershing County  775.273.2641

Storey County  775.847.0959

Washoe County  775.328.3348

White Pine County  775.289.8808

Carson City County 775.887.2500

Churchill County 775.423.3116

Clark County 702.828.3111

Douglas County 775.782.9933

Elko County  775.738.3421

Esmeralda County 775.485.6373

Eureka County  775.237.5330

Humboldt County  775.623.6419

Lander County  775.635.1100

Lincoln County  775.962.5151

Lyon County  775.463.6600

Mineral County  775.945.2434

Nye County  775.751.7000

Pershing County  775.273.2641

Storey County  775.847.0959

Washoe County  775.328.3348

White Pine County  775.289.8808

The short titles of each statute are listed below; click on a statute to read the entire text. This is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive list of all Nevada firearms and self-defense laws. Click on the underlined statute number to read the full text:

  • NRS 200.120 – “Justifiable homicide” defined.
  • NRS 200.130 – Bare fear insufficient to justify killing; reasonable fear required.
  • NRS 200.160 – Additional cases of justifiable homicide.
  • NRS 200.200 – Killing in self-defense.
  • NRS 202.253 – Definitions pertaining to firearms.
  • NRS 202.257 – Possession of firearm when under influence of alcohol, controlled substance or other intoxicating substance; administration of evidentiary test; penalty; forfeiture of firearm.
  • NRS 202.265 – Possession of dangerous weapon on property or in vehicle of school or child care facility; penalty; exceptions.
  • NRS 202.280 – Discharging firearm in or upon public streets or in places of public resort; throwing deadly missiles; duties of civil, military and peace officers; penalties.
  • NRS 202.285 – Discharging firearm at or into structure, vehicle, aircraft or watercraft; penalties.
  • NRS 202.290 – Aiming firearm at human being; discharging weapon where person might be endangered; penalty.
  • NRS 202.300 – Use or possession of firearm by child under age of 18 years; unlawful to aid or permit child to commit violation; penalties; child 14 years of age or older authorized to possess firearm under certain circumstances.
  • NRS 202.320 – Drawing deadly weapon in threatening manner.
  • NRS 202.350 – Manufacture, importation, possession or use of dangerous weapon or silencer; carrying concealed weapon without permit; penalties; issuance of permit to carry concealed weapon; exceptions.
  • NRS 202.360 – Ownership or possession of firearm by certain persons prohibited; penalties.
  • NRS 202.3653 – Definitions pertaining to concealed firearms.
  • NRS 202.3657 – Application for permit; eligibility; denial or revocation of permit.
  • NRS 202.366 – Investigation of applicant for permit; issuance or denial of permit; expiration of permit.
  • NRS 202.3662 – Confidentiality of information about applicant for permit and permittee.
  • NRS 202.3663 – Judicial review of denial of application for permit.
  • NRS 202.3665 – Duties of sheriff upon receiving notification that applicant or permittee has been charged with or convicted of crime involving use or threatened use of force or violence.
  • NRS 202.3667 – Permittee to carry permit and proper identification when in possession of concealed firearm; penalty.
  • NRS 202.367 – Duplicate permit; notification to sheriff of recovered permit; penalty.
  • NRS 202.3673 – Permittee authorized to carry concealed firearm while on premises of public building; exceptions; penalty.
  • NRS 202.3677 – Application for renewal of permit; fees; demonstrated continued competence required.
  • NRS 202.3678 – Application for certification as qualified retired law enforcement officer; law enforcement agency required to offer certain officers opportunity to obtain qualifications necessary for certification; fees.
  • NRS 202.3688 – Circumstances in which holder of permit issued by another state may carry concealed firearm in this State; holder of permit issued by another state subject to same restrictions and requirements as holder of permit issued in this State.
  • NRS 244.364 – Limited authority to regulate firearms; restrictions concerning registration of certain firearms in county whose population is 400,000 or more.
  • NRS 268.418 – Limited authority to regulate firearms; restrictions concerning registration of firearms in city in county whose population is 400,000 or more.
  • NRS 269.222 – Limited authority to regulate firearms; restrictions concerning registration of firearms in town in county whose population is 400,000 or more.

To begin with, it is a basic firearm proficiency test – not a requirement that you demonstrate expert-level accuracy. Don’t sweat this too much.  You will be receiving patient, one-on-one attention from your instructor.

Can you load the gun, fire it, hit the target, reload it,  and do it safely? That’s what we’re looking for.  For more advanced training,  we suggest that you continue your skill development with our Firearms 202 course.

As for the number of rounds you’ll need, for handguns with capacities of (6) rounds or greater you must fire 30 rounds at three distances: 3, 5, and 7 yards.

For handguns with capacities of less than (6) rounds, you must fire 25 rounds at those distances.

You may use any handgun in any caliber for your qualification test. We discourage, however,  the use of single action revolvers. It is not that they are useless for self defense, it is just that they are (for 99% of owners) painfully slow to reload, and you will be slowing down the pace of the course for other shooters. If it is the only gun you have, please consider renting one of ours instead.

Firearms Qualification Detail

A total of 30 rounds for 6- shot or larger capacity and 25 rounds for 5-shot capacity must be fired to qualify. Firearms with less than a 5 shot capacity will have to be reloaded at each stage to comply with the 5 shot capacity standards. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass, and shall be indicated on the certificate as “Pass/Fail” only. A humanoid style target such as the B27, B21 or FBI Q shall be used.

Course of fire for a 6 Shot or greater capacity handgun:

  • 3 yards, 6 rounds, no time limit
  • 5 yards, 12 rounds, no time limit
  • 7 yards, 12 rounds, no time limit

Course of fire for a 5 Shot or less capacity handgun:

  • 3 yards, 5 rounds, no time limit
  • 5 yards, 10 rounds, no time limit
  • 7 yards, 10 rounds, no time limit

Note: As of October 1, 2013, you will only need to qualify with ONE handgun of any make, model, or caliber, in order to carry any semi-auto and/or any revolver.

Please read the legislative requirements here,  or read the CCW application form here: washoe-nv-ccw-app   before you call to sign up and pay for a CCW class.

No, you do not need to own a handgun to take the class, but you will need to fire a handgun to pass the class. If you don’t have one, you may use one of our classroom rental guns to qualify with. We rent guns for only $20.00 each, which includes 30 rounds of  ammunition. Your choice of revolver or semi-auto.

Note 1: As of October 1, 2013, once you qualify with any gun of any make, model, or caliber, you may carry any handgun you wish.

Important note on ammo: Sorry, but our insurance does not allow hand loaded ammunition. Please do not bring your hand loaded ammo to the range – you will not be allowed to use it. Why? LIABILITY. We have no idea what some of you mad scientists are concocting in your basement. Leave that stuff at home, please.  New, store-bought ammo or commercially reloaded ammo is acceptable.

Yes and No. While we are not a gun or ammunition retailer, we do have guns that you can rent and ammo that you can buy for range use.  This ammo is provided only at the range for students who are unable to bring their own ammunition. We only use new, or commercially re-manufactured ammunition.

Note: We will only bring to the range the type of ammunition that is requested beforehand.

Handgun Ammunition (6 calibers)

  • .22LR                .10/round
  • 9mm                  .30/round
  • 38 spl                 .40/round
  • 380 auto            .40/round
  • 40 S&W             .40/round
  • 45 acp                .50/round

We provide this ammo for you at the range as a convenience for you. We must cover our costs of replacing every cartridge used at the range, buying at market prices, plus sales tax. It will almost always be more economical for you to buy and bring your own ammo.

Where else can I buy ammo? 

  • Local gun stores, and sporting goods store
  • Gun shows. Here you can buy in bulk and really save money.
  • Ammo retailers around the country, on the Internet. See our LINKS page.

Per NRS 202.366  the Sheriff has up to 120 days to approve or deny your permit.  There are a number of factors that affect the time it takes to process your permit – the number of applicants, possible backlog at the FBI fingerprint center, data input/clerical backlogs, application inaccuracies,  and other factors.

The sooner you take the CCW Renwwal course and re-apply for the permit, the sooner you will receive it.

Concealed carry reciprocity refers to the agreements created by and among the states with reference to which other state’s CCW permits will be honored.  These agreements form a convoluted maze that requires careful study.  There are a few websites that offer reciprocity information. One of our favorites is

Keep in mind that this is a website, not a legal document.  There are many variances in state laws, and they change regularly.  It is your responsibility to verify the information offered here. To be 100 percent confident, you should verify this information before you travel. Be especially careful when viewing online reciprocity maps such as these, as some may not be up-to-date. Also, be aware that some states only recognize permits issued from your home state. This little kink trips people up quite often, and leads to erroneous assumptions.

This site is intended to provide you with a base of information and should not be considered legal advice.  By using the information we have provided herein, you agree to hold harmless and without liability Semper Firearms Training, or any of its employees.

Yes. here in the West, you can apply in person for a non-resident permit in both Oregon and Washington.  Read the requirements here. By having an Oregon and Washington permit,  you can carry a concealed firearm in every western state, except for California and Colorado.

Tip: Oregon is a “discretionary issue” state, which means that a County Sheriff, at his sole discretion, may approve or deny applications for permits, for any reason or no reason. Knowing this, when applying for a non-resident permit in OR, stay away from the liberal (leftist) coastal cities – Portland and Salem, in particular – as they are hostile to gun rights, and are “enemy territory” for gun owners and Second Amendment supporters.  Our recommendation for Oregon is that you apply in Klamath County, just across the Nevada border. Alternately, apply in Lakeview County. These are more rural, gun-friendly areas where the Sheriff is more likely to approve non-resident applications.  . 

Armed Guard Questions

Contact the Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB) in Las Vegas or Carson City. Click here for the website. Complete the application, pass the written test, pay the fee, get your photo ID, and you are now eligible to work in the security industry in Nevada.

Note 1: Your basic security guard card does NOT allow you to carry a firearm on duty. To do that, you must first be employed with a security company AND your basic guard card must be upgraded to “armed” status. How do you do that? Click here to learn how.

Note 2:  While we are PILB certified firearms instructors (CFI), we have no involvement whatsoever in the process of issuing basic guard cards. That is done solely through the PILB.  If your company wants you to be armed, then they will refer you to a firearms training school, such as ours, for your armed guard class. Please call us when you are eligible to take the course – we welcome your business!

To work in Nevada as an armed guard, you must:

  1. Already have a current basic guard work card
  2. Be currently employed by a PILB-licensed company
  3. Be in possession of a completed Verification of Employment (VEAS) form.
  4. Successfully complete the 13-hour Armed Guard course

You may not take the 13 hour Armed Guard course unless all the above conditions are met. There are no exceptions, so please do not call us to request this course unless all conditions are previously met.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

This problem is more common than you may think. Due to arthritis, age-related muscle atrophy, finger/hand/wrist injury or other medical conditions, many cannot operate the slide on a semi-automatic handgun. You may want to consider one or both of these excellent firearms made by Beretta. They use a unique tip-up barrel, so you never have to fight a spring to “rack” the slide in order to get a round into the chamber. Simply tip up the barrel, place on cartridge in it, snap it closed, then insert a full magazine into the gun. It is now ready to fire, once you disengage the safety.

The Beretta 3032 Tomcat is a sub-compact handgun chambered in .32 acp. It is an idea “little gun” for concealed carry, but still packs a punch, when using premium hollow point ammunition. They are still being produced , and are available in traditional blued finish, or in the extra-durable Inox finish. Expect to pay around $425 for one.

NEW! Smith & Wesson has recently introduced the new M&P Shield EZ™ in .380 caliber. It is a medium-to-small-sized handgun with (as the name implies) a very easy to operate slide. It also has a large grip safety, which means that the gun cannot fire unless you have good grip on the gun which will disengage the safety.  I love this gun! You might, too!

It might be. While we sympathize with your condition, it will be a BIG problem if you cannot hear the range commands. For safety purposes, you must be able to hear, understand, and follow all commands at the range. It is not reasonable for you to expect the instructor to yell range commands with the full force of his lungs through the entire training session.

Please consider using the following:

  • Hearing aids
  • Electronic / amplified ear muffs
  • A combination of both

Yes, of course we can teach you or others in your congregation how to shoot, but there is more to defending against a spree killer than just shooting paper targets.

Our colleague/instructor Tony Klein teaches a specialty course designed for churches. Please contact him at for a consultation.

We no longer offer gift certificates, but you may still call and purchase a class for yourself or another person.

Laws for possession and transportation of firearms vary from state to state.  Transporting a firearm – legally – from points A to B can be a tricky and worrisome process.

The good news is that if you are transporting a firearm in your vehicle, the Safe Passage Provision of the Firearms Owner’s Protection Act of 1986 (US Code 18 Section 926A) is on your side:

Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle:

Provided, that in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.

Note: A good, handy guide for travelers is The Travelers Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States 

Gun, the world’s largest online auction of firearms has the best information we have found on this subject. Click here to read:

Firearms Shipping Guide

This is the short list of what we offer:

  • CCW Renewal Courses five times every month
  • Armed Security Guard Courses (PILB-approved)
  • Mature, Patient Instructors
  • Private Group Classes on Demand (with advance notice and calendar compatibility)
  • Clean, Professional Shooting Range
  • Friendly, Stress-Free Teaching Style
  • One-on-one private classes
  • Classroom Rental Guns Available for only $20. That includes the ammo!
  • Ammo Available for Purchase
  • Classes for Women Only (by appointment)
  • Full Liability Insurance
  • 10% Military Discounts
  • Discount rates for your group
  • Veteran Owned Business
  • Night Sight Installation (for most Glock handguns) while you wait

The detailed answer:

You will receive patient instruction and individual attention from mature, experienced instructors who really care about you.

We teach with a friendly, comfortable style, without pressure.  Students receive positive feedback,  not criticism. We will never ask you to perform something that we ourselves cannot do.  We seek excellence, not perfection.

We are dedicated to providing you the very best instruction for your money. Check our prices! No one can match the value we offer.  We are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest school. Our prices are where they should be, in order to be competitive.  Please note the discounts we offer in the FAQ section.

You will shoot on a clean, safe shooting range, specifically designed for that purpose,  not in a desert junkyard.  This is very advantageous for you because it is much safer when the downrange area is free of dangerous, splattering debris and shrapnel from ricochets.

We truly enjoy getting to know our students, and that feeling is mutual.  We promise you an energizing, positive, rewarding experience.   Read our testimonials in the FAQ section.

On the firing line you will be under the watchful eye of mature, trained instructors who have a 100%  perfect safety record and intend to keep it that way.  We are firm, but fair.  All instructors are certified range safety officers (RSO), and in case of the unthinkable, we carry full liability insurance.

We strive diligently to bring you up-to-date information and training techniques.  When we’re not on the range, in the classroom, or attending to business matters, we are immersed in all manner of media related to guns, ammo, gear, and training subjects.

We are full-time firearms instructors, not weekend hobbyists.  We  are dedicated to this one profession.   In other words, it is what we do and who we are, and we love it!  Ask others what they do when they are not teaching a class – you may be surprised.

Your phone calls and emails are answered in a timely, professional manner, seven (7) days a week.  If you get our voice mail during business hours,  we are probably in the classroom, on the range, or on the road, or maybe out of cell phone range.  We promise that your calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible.

The owner is a Marine veteran and is proud to have served. We understand and respect that there are significant differences between the military (offensive)  and the civilian  (defensive) mindset, and we teach our civilian courses accordingly.

We are humble enough to state that we are not omniscient on all matters in the gun world. We, too, are “students” in this world, and believe that continuing education is crucial to one’s development.  Yes, we have opinions, but we strive to separate opinion from fact.

We enjoy different opinions, ideas, and viewpoints. Let’s hear it!  We enjoy an exchange of diverse thoughts in the classroom, or seeing a different technique on the range, so long as it is safe.

We always have time to listen to you. We are created with two ears and one mouth, and we like to use them in that same proportion.  Besides, after a lecture, we would much rather rest our jaws and exercise our ears.

What we are not and what we don’t do: 

  • We do NOT run a production-style, training certificate mill out of a big box store.
  • We do NOT put pressure on you to buy guns and equipment like some instructors working out of gun stores. You came here to learn, not to be subjected to sales pitches and promotions.
  • We are NOT braggarts or hyper-macho Rambo types. “Well-mannered, educated, and professional” describe our instructors’ attributes.
  • We do NOT present rote, monotonous lessons. While the core material remains constant, the presentation in each class is ever-evolving. The interaction with new and unique students keeps each class fresh and interesting. Former students leave positive feedback that you can read in the next FAQ below:

John Glatthar

  • NRA certified pistol instructor
  • NRA certified shotgun instructor
  • NRA certified rifle instructor
  • NRA certified Range Safety Officer
  • NRA certified Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Nevada PILB – certified firearms instructor (CFI) for armed security guards
  • Nevada State – approved CCW instructor
  • Nevada State CCW permit holder
  • Glock® certified armorer
  • Utah non-resident concealed weapon permit holder
  • United States Marine Corps Expert Rated Rifle and Pistol Shooter
  • Experienced in shooting firearms for more than 50 years
  • Life Member, National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Life Member, Gun Owners of America (GOA)
  • Member, United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)
  • Member, Oath Keepers
  • Member and Web Sergeant, Marine Corps League Detachment 672
  • American Heart Association Heartsaver® First Aid Certified
  • American Heart Association Heartsaver®  CPR/AED Certified

Yes, we have a few that you may read here:

My wife and I just took our CCW Renewal training with John on 10/21/18. We went back to John after getting our CCW permits back in 2013. John is a true professional who has clearly been doing this a long time. There was a well designed and very clear 4 page course overview package emailed with safety equipment, firearms, and ammo requirements along with easy to follow directions to the facility.

We like his calm and clear methods of communicating range commands, the do’s and don’ts of his facility, the training, and none of the outlandish bravado that is sometimes encountered with some “Firearms Experts”. He encourages participation in discussions, there are no “stupid question” looks given, something my wife appreciates!

After the shooting, changes in the local and state laws were reviewed. John refreshed our memory regarding next steps for the application and fingerprinting… John provides the *complete* package! Imagine my surprise when John sent a Thank You email with 7 pdf’s with additional information that is jam packed with even more very useful information!

John Over Delivered, and we Thank You very much Sir!

We will be back in 5 years!

Patrick S. , Reno

I can happily attest that I learned a great deal from your instructions, and I found your lecture and teaching style to be very professional, on-point, and edifying. (For what is it worth, I am a grad student and found your teaching skills on this subject matter to be superior to some of the professors I have studied under at university.)

— Morgan S.,   Reno

Thanks from both of us for your training course! You presented a program that was interesting, educational and informative. It doesn’t hurt that you also have a sense of perspective and humor that we both find compatible with our own tastes.

— Chip R.,  Reno

I wanted to say that you were very professional and knowledgeable in your presentation – Thanks, I will let others know about you when given the opportunity

— Mike K.,  Reno

Thanks for the information, it is sincerely appreciated. I enjoyed our day together. You are on the ball as an instructor and your style is relaxing and cordial. I will recommend you to my friends and associates. I wish you all the best and please keep in touch.

— Bill M., Reno

Thanks for the class today. Having been around weapons all my life, I have developed an ability to see through the bs- I am sure you’ve seen plenty of it yourself. Whether it’s gun shop salespersons who don’t know what they’re talking about, or your standard wannabe. So it is refreshing when I can learn anything new from someone who isn’t blowing smoke and knows what he’s talking about.

— Derek M.,  Sparks

I enjoyed your class very much . It was very informative and at a pace that made it most interesting. Thanks a lot and I will tell all my CCW friends about your classes…

— J. Weaver,  Sparks

Hello Mr. Glatthar,

I have been planning on acquiring a CCW for quite some time but would never seem to fit it in my busy schedule. I always found my work interfering with a class schedule from various instructors. Your classe(s) on Saturday are ideal for my schedule, and I found the information that you presented to be relevant and reliably correct. Your straight forward pleasant presentation makes learning the rules and regulations of the CCW permit process a breeze. I would recommend your classes to anyone!

Semper Fidelis,

— David P.,   Reno


Thank you for the Concealed Weapons Training that you have provided. Your class was very informative and at the same time provided real life situations. The information and training that you have provided, will help to better protect myself and others in dangerous situations. Your ability to be flexible with dates, and mobile made for ease of schedule and location. Thank you for your time and dedication to this program.

— Sgt. Troy T,  NAS Fallon Nevada

I was totally impressed with the professionalism and depth of the course. All the subject matter was covered in depth and by being in our home in a relaxed and comfortable manner. I would and will recommend to any and all who have a interest in the course. Thank you John.

— Roy & Tara B.,  Reno


Your CCW firearms course was very professional, concise and informative. It was an enjoyable 8 hrs. of classroom instruction including the live fire exercise. Your subtle humor also added to the enjoyable experience.

Thank you.

— David A.,   Reno


Thank you so very much for the excellent private CCW class. For me it was a very enjoyable day. I know that all the required topics were covered, but to some extent, the class seemed individualized to my firearms knowledge and experience, and filled in many holes in my knowledge. You presented many issues on firearms safety that I had not considered. The lecture and discussion on firearms concealment was extremely valuable. The class was so very interesting, and topics so well presented, that the time seemed to fly by.

By the way, this month I competed, for the first time, in a pistol bowling pin shooting contest here in Fernley, sponsored by the Stillwater Firearms Association. It was so much fun that I jointed the Stillwater Club and intend to compete in the steel plate and bowling pin pistol contests put on by the Stillwater club and the other firearm clubs in western Nevada. Yesterday I attended match safety observer training. The safety observer stand next to and just behind the shooters in each match, makes sure the shooter has sight and hearing protection, and continually watches only the shooter’s gun during the match, and keeps the shooter from violating any of the club’s safety rules. Now I am authorized to serve that function during club pistol matches.

Best regards…..

— Jack G.,  Lyon County


I was very encouraged through your class, John. I was almost going to back out from lack of confidence in handling pistols, but your class gave me knowledge and confidence to pursue the course. Thank you again.

— Tara B.,  Reno

Hi John, the class you gave us was a delight.

We have attended and given classes of this nature for the past 20 years, but there is always new information to gain.

Your all day class seems to be over in a short time, so I am confident to say that your class was enjoyable.

The material and content were interesting to hear and see.

You are well organized. I look forward to future meetings with you.

Take care and congratulations to your continued success.

— Hubert T.,    Reno

Thanks John, I did enjoy the class. I will use you again and if I can find some one interested in ether a CCW or just safety I will pass on your name. Thanks again,

— Kevin S.,  Sparks

John, the class my wife and I took from you was very good, although I have been to them before Margie really enjoyed the class and needed the training. She told me this morning ,” Thanks for making me get my CCW permit started by taking the class. ”

John thanks again and keep up the good work.

Semper Fi,

— Brad W.,  Reno


Thank you so much for providing such an informative class, I have had a CCW for 20 years in more than one state and I found your class not only very educational but friendly and very supportive of gun enthusiasts of all kinds.

Thanks again.

— Kris S,   Reno

Thanks John,

I printed out the form and Gail has already sent it in. Thanks for the class, it was very enjoyable and relaxed, we will definitely seek you out when we come back for our renewal. We went to the Sheriff’s office on Friday to submit our applications, they were the nicest most helpful folks, it took about an hour to complete and that’s with a few people ahead of us. Again thanks for making this not only a painless endeavor, but enjoyable.

— Mike and Gail S.,   Shingletown, CA

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your time and well structured class. Your understanding of firearms and what it means to carry concealed and the responsibilities that go with that was worth every penny. Your class was not only informative but was enjoyable as well. That fact that you come to your student’s location helps to make the class a more personal experience.

Thank you,

— Andy N.,   Reno

Dear John,

We learned so much from your course, I am now confident my son is well educated in handling of firearms. I recommend this course highly. Great Job A+++++

Thank you,

— Lorie S.,   Sparks


Thank you for accommodating us with your CCW class on such short notice! As a Firearms Instructor with Homeland Security, it was refreshing to see an instructor with a genuine interest in teaching the information and not just collecting the payment! We are sent through so many classes in which we find the instructors just going through the motions. We will definitely recommend your course to all our instructors who pass through your area.”


— Tony R.,  San Diego, CA


Thanks for a great course; as a firearms instructor myself I was hesitant about sitting through six hours of lecture but you gave a great class and even added several tricks to my bag o tricks. The laws and concealed carry holsters were especially informative and I look forward to spending time discovering the right holster for me.

I’ll drop you a line when I’m in town; definitely need to add several pistols to my permit.

Thanks again,

— Kevin M.,   Irvine, CA


The pleasure was mine. Thanks for helping me complete the necessary training and for the 2nd Amendment discussion. It has been a long time since I thought about it or got fired up about gun control. I enjoyed the discussion.

Yeah, I’m about tired of being in “condition orange” too. Not my idea of a “work day” anymore.

I’ll give you a call to grab a beer or something. Or maybe just go plinking.

Talk to you later.  Semper Fi!

— Shannon B.,   Reno

I just had the pleasure of completing a firearms safety course with A+ Firearms. I was quite anxious about the course, as I am not particularly familiar with firearms and such. What a pleasant surprise that the instructor, John Glatthar, was not only informative and patient with a novice like me, but he actually added humor to the course which helped to soothe my edgy nerves. I passed the written exam and discovered that I am a fairly decent shot, too! I highly recommend this course for anyone and, particularly, for those who may feel uncomfortable with the whole idea. Kudos, A+!

— Christy M., Spanish Springs

Guns are tools, with differing purposes. What task do you wish to accomplish? For CCW, you want something concealable that you will realistically carry, and still be powerful enough to stop an attacker.  For a duty weapon or home defense, concealability is not an issue. Can one gun do both jobs?  Possibly.   There is much to discuss. Everyone has an opinion, and your instructor does, too.

Our course includes an in-depth discussion on choosing a good firearm for self-defense, but we are not presumptuous enough to dictate to you what kind of gun you should buy.  We do have classroom guns that you can try out.  In the meantime, read the section below:


Rather than reading a thousand pages on the matter, we suggest that you read this article for starters:

 Tips for choosing between a handgun, shotgun, or rifle

We can tell you this – one of the most popular firearms brought in by CCW students, men and women alike, is a small frame, 5-shot, double action revolver chambered in .38 or .357 magnum. . These compact handguns are simple to operate, durable, reliable, powerful, and concealable.

Semi-autos (our choice) are an excellent choice for a self-defense gun, as well. They are a bit more complex than revolver, but have more ammunition capacity and are much faster and easier to reload. There are far too many to discuss here, so we’ll save that discussion for the classroom.

“Knock-down Power” or “Stopping Power.”

Many ask about the “knock-down power” or “stopping power” produced from a bullet fired from a bullet dispenser, i.e. a gun. What’s all this about?

First of all, just remove that term “knock-down power” from your vocabulary. Bullets from handguns do not possess the energy to physically knock an adult human to the ground, contrary to what you may have seen in the movies.

What about “stopping power,” then? Perhaps the more appropriate term is the “ability to incapacitate.” So, what causes  incapacitation of an attacker?  Many believe (as do we) that a combination of hydrostatic shock (internal pressure wave in the body core), pain, and trauma are the key elements in this. Bullet speed, weight, depth of penetration, and expansion all play a role here.

So, is bigger “better?” Is a .45 “better” than a 40?  Is a 40 “better” than a 9mm? Is a 9mm “better” than a 380 and so on? It is NOT that simple and straightforward.  There are controlled lab tests with ballistic gelatin, there are coroner’s reports & autopsies, there are gunfight anecdotes, there are also legends and urban myths. How do we sort it out?  Put aside charts, graphs, and gun store commando stories for a minute and open your mind up to the fact that ALL high velocity projectiles (bullets) are potentially deadly. All of them.

Look at this report entitled An Alternative View of Stopping Power, courtesy of the Buckeye Firearms  Association.

What you should take away from this is that between the popular calibers (380, 9mm, 40 , 45) none was exponentially better at incapacitation than the other. Still want to carry a 45 because of the confidence it instills in you? Feel free – we will not criticize your decision. Just do us all a favor and don’t sneer at those who carry something other than a 45 acp handgun.

“I am still searching for the perfect handgun.” — John Glatthar

For gunsmithing and armorer services in the Reno/ Sparks area contact:

  • Bruce Cote at LE Ordnance Gunsmithing 775.475.2211
  • Don Ross and Todd Fransen 775.677.1515
  • Michael’s Custom Guns and Ammo 775.846.8715
  • Patnaude Precision Gun Works 775.830.4282
  • R.W. Mann Gunsmith Services 775. 425.5984
  • Scott Boutcher  775.343.6226

For gunsmithing and armorer services in the Carson City area contact:

  • Dave Nordyke in Carson City 775.887.3510
  • Lee Baker of  Hunter’s Den General Gunsmithing  775.882.9594
  • Gene Shuey of Shuey Custom 775. 246.7662
  • Martin Scott of GunWerks (Washoe Valley) 775.537.1444
  • Terry Tussey of Tussey Custom  (1911 Specialist)  775.246.1533

Q: What’s the difference  between an armorer and a gunsmith?

A:  An armorer can repair and replace gun parts.  To be a gunsmith, one must possess skills as a machinist, a metalworker, a woodworker, and be knowledgeable in shop mathematics, ballistics, and chemistry, and be capable of working accurately and precisely. Those who are self-employed in small gunsmith shops must also possess skills as small business operators, work effectively with a wide variety of customers, and keep abreast of, and comply with, federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and requirements.

If you know of another good armorer or gunsmith in your area, please advise us of his name and contact information – not just the name of a retail gun store that he may service.

Reno-Carson Area Public Shooting Ranges:

Q: Other than these public shooting ranges, where may go shooting /plinking on my own?

Desert shooting: Hang out with other shooters long enough, and they may show you their favorite off-road areas on which to shoot.  There are no “official” maps to such spots, but the Sheriff’s Office has maps which indicate the areas where you may NOT engage in recreational shooting.  Read the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office FAQ web page, especially questions 25 – 34 to learn about congested areas to understand what is/is not allowed.  See the maps here:

Congested Area Maps

Per Washoe County Code 50.092, you must be 5,000 feet from any dwelling occupied by another person or persons when shooting pistols or rifles. When shooting shotguns, BB Guns, or air rifles, you must be 1,000 feet from any dwelling occupied by another person or persons.

Be aware of the positive 2014 change in the law affecting most areas of Warm Springs (Palomino Valley). Semper Firearms Training worked with the Washoe County Board of Commissioners, the District Attorney, the Sheriffs Office, the County Manager, and the County Attorney  to change the distance to 500 feet in 2014.  This change applies ONLY to the Warm Springs area (aka Palomino Valley).

Special thanks go out to [former] Washoe County Commissioner Bonnie Weber who helped us  implement this change.

What can I do to protect my gun rights?

by John Glatthar

May 13, 2010

Gun owners, pay attention! Your gun rights are under attack. To those who have been paying attention, this is not news. Through clever, indirect ways, the gun grabbers have worked for decades to take our guns away from us. Some examples:

  • Long waiting periods for buying and taking possession of a gun
  • Only one gun per month allowed
  • Disallowing guns that have “no sporting purpose”
  • Disallowing guns with a “military” appearance
  • Disallowing guns with capacities exceeding an arbitrary number
  • Disallowing guns that do not meet arbitrary state drop tests
  • Adding additional, non-violent crimes where gun rights are revoked
  • Disarming and confiscating firearms owned by elderly veterans
  • Confiscating guns during natural disasters (ex: New Orleans, Katrina)
  • Criminalizing gun possession in more places
  • Ammunition sales restrictions
  • Abetting reckless, frivolous lawsuits against American gun manufacturers
  • And MANY more devious, vindictive restrictions

So, instead of dwelling on the problem, let’s talk about some solutions. Here are some things that almost anyone can do:

Become Involved

Become active and support pro-gun rights organizations such as:

  • The National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • The Gun Owners of America (GOA)
  • Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership (JPFO)
  • National Association for Gun Rights
  • The 2nd Amendment Foundation
  • Armed Females of America
  • Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Nevada Firearms Coalition
  • Many others

Vote Wisely

  • Read the candidates’ voting records on past gun control legislation
  • Learn who is responsible for initiating anti-gun legislation
  • Don’t assume a candidate’s views, based strictly on party affiliation.
  • Based on legislative voting records, almost all anti-gun bills emanate from members of the Democratic Party. Some Republican Senators and Representatives join the mischief, and vote for such bills. All these individuals – in both parties – should be removed from office in the next election.

    Never forget, even for an instant, that the one and only reason anybody has for taking your gun away is to make you weaker than he is, so he can do something to you that you wouldn’t allow him to do if you were equipped to prevent it.  This goes for burglars, muggers, and rapists, and even more so for policemen, bureaucrats, and politicians.
    — Alexander Hope

Assert and Exercise Your Rights

  • Buy a gun!
  • Buy some ammo today and on National Ammo Day (November 19)
  • Get some basic firearms safety and handling training
  • Get out and shoot. Make it a fun day with friends or family.
  • Continue your training. Take a new shooting course.
  • Participate in a shooting event (IPSC, Cowboy Action Shooting, etc.)
  • Join a local shooting club

Introduce Youngsters to Guns

  • Teach a youngster gun safety and how to shoot with a .22 rifle. It’s a time-honored tradition. Such firearms have minimal recoil, are inexpensive, and accurate.
  • Make it an enjoyable experience that he or she will remember
  • Teach them the difference between TV, video games, toys, and real guns
  • Teach respect for guns and our right to own them
  • Show them how to clean the gun afterwards
  • Remember that more supervised hands on = less unsupervised curiosity
  • Be aware of anti-gun propaganda in the schools. Counter lies with truth!

Introduce Your Peers to Guns

  • Change your peers’ hearts and minds by taking a gun-neutral or anti-gun friend or neighbor out for a day at the range.
  • Make it a positive, enjoyable experience
  • Encourage them to read about the positive aspects of gun ownership

Other Actions You Can Take

  • Counter lies with truth, everywhere you can
  • Write a pro-gun letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Try to buy goods and services from those who support gun rights AND refuse (boycott) businesses that support anti-gun causes.  Let them  know why you are boycotting them. Think of the effect that 70 million American gun owners would have on anti-gun businesses.
  • Join a pro-gun forum or blog
  • Join and/or support the Oath Keepers

Understand Your Rights as a Juror

Jury nullification is a tool that was designed by our country’s founders. They understood that trials by juries of ordinary citizens – fully informed of their power as jurors – would confine the government to its proper role as the servant, not the master, of the people.

The “4 box system” of checks and balances in America includes:

  • The Soap Box (speak your mind)
  • The Ballot Box (vote wisely)
  • The Jury Box (stop bad laws here)
  • The Ammo Box (if all else fails)

Learn more about your power as a juror from the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA).

Lastly, study and learn about your Constitutional Rights

Do not be misled. The Bill of Rights was designed to secure and protect the rights of the individual and to prevent the federal government from over-extending its authority and abusing its power.

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the guardian and gatekeeper of the rest of those important rights. Without the Second Amendment, there is nothing to stop the government from trampling the rest of our cherished rights. We know it. They know it. We all know it.

Take the time to learn more about your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It says that

A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

What did it mean when it was written in 1789? What does it mean to us now? Is it a relic from a bygone era, with no relevance today? Hardly.

The Second Amendment Primer is an excellent little booklet that will open your eyes as to what the meaning of the 2nd Amendment is. Do not be deceived by anyone who tells you that gun ownership is some sort of privilege bestowed upon us by a ruling elite. We are the masters, and they are our public servants. Masters do not ask permission of their servants to own firearms. Never let them forget that.

Stay safe, stay armed, stay sharp, and stay vigilant.

May God Bless America,

John Glatthar