Firearms 202:
Intermediate Handgun Course

5 hours
$90 per person
Minimum 4 / Maximum 6 persons

This is the course that many have requested!

If you want to learn more advanced skills in a safe, structured shooting environment, this is the course for you! This is not a beginner’s course. You must already possess basic handgun shooting skills. We will build your skills from your established fundamentals.

At this point in your development as a shooter, you should have your own gun and shooting gear. We do not loan or rent guns for this course. It is pointless to train on someone else’s equipment. It is imperative that you advance up the training ladder using your own gun. If you do not own a gun, and have never received training in how to use one, you should take our Firearms 101 or CCW course first.

In this course you will learn:

    • Principles of Personal Defense
    • Modes of Readiness
    • Introduction to Tactics
    • Drawing and Shooting from a Holster
    • Movement Drills: Shooting While Moving
    • Strong Hand and Weak Hand Shooting
    • How to Clear Malfunctions
    • Rapid Fire: Timed Drills to Improve Your Ability to Function Under Stress
    • Multiple Shots on a Single Target
    • Multiple Shots on Multiple Targets
    • Instinctive Point Shooting: Extreme Close Quarters Shooting
    • Stressfire / Sight Reference Shooting Techniques
    • Sighted Shooting and Accuracy Optimization
    • Shooting behind cover, using barricades
    • Extra: Friendly, fun competition events on reactive steel targets! Compete against your fellow shooters, your spouse, or against the clock.
  • New challenge for 2019!  Try the official FBI agent qualification course. Requires 60 rounds.

How to sign up for the Firearms 202 course:

  • Organize a group of friends or family members.  Minimum 4 , maximum 6 people
  • Look at the calendar.  If you see a day not otherwise scheduled for one of our other classes, we can most likely run the course for your group on that day.  This is a seasonal, weather dependent course, run typically from the months of May through October.
  • Call John at 775.842.6409 to pay for the course by credit card. The course is $90 per person. Due to the intensity of training and the resources & materials used in this course, no discounts will apply.
  • No refunds will be issued  if you cancel or don’t show up after you pay.
  • If we cancel or re-schedule for any reason, then a refund will be issued to you.

Note: No shows” with no call ahead will forfeit payment for the class.  An email or text is not sufficient – you must call the instructor at 775.842.6409.

Course Requirements, Gear, and Details

  • Proof of prior handgun training, such as Firearms 101, Nevada CCW course, or equivalent course from another school.  Call us to discuss this if you are not sure. This is NOT a beginner’s course.
  • A modern semi-auto handgun is preferred. Double action revolvers are discouraged but not prohibited unless you can reload VERY quickly. You will find it very difficult to keep up with the drills, otherwise.
  • No single action revolvers allowed -this is not a Cowboy Action Shooting event.
  • No “shared” guns.  All shooters must have their own.
  • 300 rounds of ammo. Bring more if you want to compete in the steel competition shooting segment.
  • A strong leather or nylon belt to hold your holstered gun and spare mags. Dress belts are generally unacceptable.
  • Strong-side (shooting hand side) belt-mounted holster OR a concealed carry device. If you use a cross draw device, you must let us know in advance, as there are safety issues to discuss.
  • Minimum three (3) magazines. Four (4) mags are recommended.  You’ll be doing do a lot of shooting and magazine changes, so you’ll really need these extra mags. Trust me.
  • Belt mounted magazine holder for your extra mags.
  • Magazine loader helpers (strongly recommended), such as the UPLULA.  We have loaner UPLULA mag loaders, but it’s best if you have your own.
  • Range bag (an inexpensive canvas tool bag will suffice) to hold all your shooting related gear
  • Gun oil and cleaning cloth
  • Impact resistant eye protection.  We have free loaners, if you need them.
  • Ear protection. Foam ear plugs are good, standard ear muffs are better, but Electronic Noise Canceling Ear Protectors are best, such as these are strongly recommended. You will need to hear the instructor’s commands on the shooting line. We have free loaners, but having your own personal gear is strongly recommended
  • Extra batteries for your electronic ears.
  • Ball cap or hat with visor (aka hot brass deflector)
  • Sun block (strongly recommended)
  • Hand cleaning wipes
  • Water (lots), snacks, and or lunch. We take periodic breaks and a lunch break

Big no-no’s:

  • No personally hand-loaded ammo. New, or commercially re-manufactured ammo is OK.
  • No sweatpants, jogging suits, lounge wear, or pajamas. Get serious.
  • No bare feet, open toe shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or crocs. Again, get serious.
  • Ladies: No low-cut shirts or tops.  Read why here  or  see why here
  • Lastly, safety violations (sweeping others with the muzzle, handling a gun behind the line, shooting before a “commence fire” command has been given, etcetera)  will result in your expulsion from the range, with no refund. You will be given one warning and correction. No second warning will be given. We will have a thorough safety orientation before the class begins, so pay attention.
  • Again,  this is not a beginners course. You should have the fundamentals – especially range safety rules and etiquette  – well practiced and memorized.  We will have a great time, but a safe time!

Sincere thanks from your humble instructor,
John Glatthar