CCW Initial Super Course Rates

1 person…………… $100

2 persons…………. $90 each

3 persons…………..$80 each

4 persons…………..$70 each

5 persons…………..$60 each

6 or more…………..$50 each

Why take our course? Our CCW Super Course offers the best value because you will receive:

  • Nevada CCW Certificate
  • Utah CFP Certificate at no extra charge
  • Training in a clean classroom with these amenities:
    • Easy access from I-80 and I-580
    • Ample Parking
    • Clean Restroom facility
    • Hot coffee!
  • Live fire training on a clean range, not in a desert junkyard
  • Stress-free. friendly training with positive feedback
  • Mature, polite, patient instructors (no “Rambos” here at SFT)
  • Rental guns for only $15.00 each (includes 30 rounds of ammo)
  • Free range safety gear loaners (ear & eye protection)
  • Unbiased firearm recommendations for your unique needs

How we do it:

  • The classroom segment (Day 1) is conducted in our classroom in Sparks.
  • The range segment (Day 2 morning) is conducted at a clean, shooting range.  Click here for directions to the range.

Need to renew your existing CCW permit? You need the CCW Renewal Class.
Click here for information.

How to sign up for a class

  • Click the calendar button at the top of this page and find a date that works for you
  • Call us to reserve your seat by credit card. If you prefer to send a check by US Mail, you must do so at least two weeks in advance of the course date.
  • If you want a private class for yourself or your own group, we will work with you on scheduling a date that suits you.
  • If you have your own private property where we can safely and legally shoot, we might be able to use that instead. Please discuss this with the instructor when you sign up for the class. Also note that we do not use BLM land for live fire qualification.
  • Initial CCW classes begin at 9:00 am in our Sparks classroom.  Please do not go to the mailing address on Pyramid Highway! Go to the classroom.  We start promptly at 9:00 am. Please be on time, or a few minute early.
  • Live fire qualification for the initial CCW course starts at 9:30 am at the range, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellations and time changes may occur due to weather, road conditions, or other factors.

What you will learn in this course:

  • The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, and how it applies to us today
  • Federal laws on guns (NFA 1934, GCA 1968, etc)
  • Nevada statutes on how to legally buy, possess, and sell a firearm
  • NV statutes on the lawful use of deadly force. This is an eye opener!
  • Elements of self defense
  • The legal aftermath of a shooting – civil, criminal, and personal consequences
  • Interacting with police while armed, or in possession of a gun in your vehicle
  • How to assert your rights if an officer wants to search your vehicle
  • How to legally travel with your firearms across the USA
  • Choosing a gun for self defense – elements that must be considered before you buy a gun. We will have several guns for you to inspect.
  • Holsters and concealed carry devices
  • Gun safety – range etiquette, proper gun handling, universal safety rules
  • How guns work – parts, nomenclature, operation, loading, unloading, firing
  • Marksmanship elements – how to aim and hit the target accurately and safely
  • Ammunition – types, purposes, and effectiveness of various cartridges
  • Gun storage – how to achieve quick access inside the house and in your vehicle
  • And much more ….