Nevada CCW Renewal Class (4 hours)

Renewal Class Rates (Public Class):

1 person………………$65

Gather some friends for the class and save:

2 or more persons…………$60 each

Need to renew your existing permit? The Nevada CCW Renewal Course is four hours in duration. Two hours class / two hours range, where you must re-qualify with the handgun of your choice. You do not have to take a written test.

Note: As of October 1, 2013, one handgun of any type qualifies all handguns. While you may qualify with any handgun that you wish, we consider it wiser for you to train and qualify with the same gun that you routinely carry. You are carrying routinely, right?

Please, no single action revolvers (cowboy guns) as they are not appropriate for this type of course.  If that is the only handgun you own, then we will allow it.

We offer more CCW renewal courses than any local company!
Weekdays and Weekends!
Check our calendar for dates and times

How to sign up for a CCW Renewal class:

  • Check the calendar for available course dates
  • Call 775.842.6409 to reserve and pay for your seat in the class.
  • Note: Payments for classes are not refundable. If you must cancel and re-schedule, your payment  for the class can be applied toward a future class, but a new range fee may apply.
  • This 4-hour class is held at a range in Palomino Valley.  You will be sent a map and directions beforehand by email.

Note: No shows” with no call ahead will forfeit payment for the class.  An email or text is not sufficient – you must call the instructor at 775.842.6409.

Other Important Information about the class:

  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which you must present to the Sheriff’s Office in order to renew your permit.
  • You may take the 4-hour renewal course up to one full year in advance of your permit’s expiration, but you may not submit it any earlier than 120 days prior to its expiration.
  • If you are running late, you may submit your renewal paperwork up to 120 days beyond the expiration, date, but you will be subject to to a $15.00 late fee.
  • Rental guns (semi-autos and revolvers) are available from us for $20.00 each, including the ammunition.
  • Bring ear and eye protection. If you don’t have any, you may use ours at no charge.
  • We use positive feedback, and stress-free teaching techniques that get results!

Important Note:

As a non-resident, you may take the course in any county, but you must submit your application to the Sheriff in the County in which you took the class. 

Nevada residents can take the class in any county in Nevada, but may only apply in the county of their residence.